Touch screen controls for PC version as well?

Hello. I bought the game from the Steam sale on an impulse and just lost my first re-election. It’s a great game. :smiley: I was looking for a strategy game to play on my MS Surface; something playable without mouse and keyboard.

I didn’t quite get that, as touch controls don’t work, but the game is completely playable using a stylus (although the scroll bars are very tiny). It is a shame about the touch controls, because with almost no text input it would be a great fit. I suppose you know this since you released an iPad version.

I realize not many PCs have touch screens yet, but it’s coming. Anyway, I just wanted to plant a seed. Maybe Democracy 4 will have touch screen support? :smiley:

Hey there,

I would really appreciate such a feature!
Currently, touch screens require a double-click on windows 8 in most menues. But, unfortunately, it is not possible to use the main policies screen: if you click anywhere, the item the mouse cursor is on, will become clicked.

I think you didn’t completely re-code Democracy 3 on the iPad? Could you just share the touchscreen-adjustements with the Steam version of Democracy 3 then?

Having a setting to enable touch screen support would be very nice :smiley:

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