Tourism, High Productivity, Technological Advantage...

Hey guys from Australia!

I was wondering if there were other beneficial results to policies apart from the first three I listed in the heading… I’ve also forgotten how to get Tourism. :S

Any help would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Which policies?

I got “the internet economy” once, which also brought about “internet crime” shortly thereafter… IIRC i just ran every program that promoted internet use and maxed out science and schools.

it depends what you mean by beneficial results. The three things you listed are situations. The three you listed are the only positive situations.

Another result of your policies (although with more random chance involved) are events, such as the Internet economy one that was mentioned. There are quite a few of these - off the top of my head celebrity endorsement and terrorists captured are two. The first one isn’t really influenced by your policies directly, but it is influenced by how well you are doing in terms of popularity, but terrorists captured and internet economy are influenced by your policies.

Ahh, it’s the situations then… thanks!
Just another question, how do I get Tourism again?

  • Low/no airline tax.
  • Low anti-social behaviour.
  • Low/no problem with street gangs.
  • Low crime rate.
  • Low violent crime rate.
  • Good foreign relations.
  • Low border controls.

Thanks mate!

aha! I knew there had to be more, even if I had my head up my butt about the internet thing :smiley:

In terms of positive events that are influenced by your policies (rather than completely random or just by how successfully you are doing), there are the following:

  • Aerospace boom
  • Disease cured
  • Internet economy
  • Labour survey
  • Miracle operation
  • Nobel prize
  • Poverty under control
  • Religious endorsement
  • Scientific discovery
  • Superhero (although as this only occurs if crime is very high, I’m not sure if it belongs in this list)
  • Terrorists captured


I think what hes looking for are the events that actually become icons on the screen that you can click and see charts about… the items listed here all seem to be single hit events that show up in the turn end screen only?

These are two different things. The icons are situations, whereas the “single hit” things are events. I also thought that he was probably referring to situations, and in an earlier post confirmed that the three he gave in the thread title were the only three positive situations. However, the original post referred to “beneficial results to policies”, so I thought it may be useful to list the positive events also, as these are also “positive results to policies”.

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