Tournament Mode!

I don’t know if this kind of idea was already posted but here it is anyways:

I think a tournament mode would be really a great addition to GSB’s online challenges! How it works: simple, you “register” to a tournament with a fleet that you want to try out without the layout of the ships, only the builds. Then you get to compete with other challengers in a normal bracket tournament. Before a fight, you setup your ship layout and orders as you want, without having a clue how your opponent will setup his. Of course, all this occurs asynchronously, as in online challenges.

Then the fight goes on and the winners take on each of the other winners, until there is one fleet standing!

There could be rules to disqualifiy participant if they don’t respond to their matches within a chosen limit.

I also think I could be really cool if we could actually see all the battles that have been waged on the other brackets, to get an idea of your potential next opponent ships and layouts.

There then might be some tournament points awarded to the participants for their efforts, leading to a leaderboard or something like that?

I believe this would not require too much coding since it really gets built upon the existing challenges, but would be a great bunch of stellar fun!




definitely a great idea to be added in some shape, form, mutation, disfiguration, mutilation or taint of chaos