Training TCM

So here’s the story: I finished ender’s game and was like ‘this is awesome’. Then I thought that it would be cool if it was in GSB. Then I came up with the idea of a total conversion mod for GSB that is like the training grounds.
This could definitely be done. It would break the best known modding rule: Don’t touch core files. But the point of Training Total Conversion Mod would be to make something with a completely new feel: Instead of being a fleet commander, you are still in Command School or whatever you want to call it on the holographic simulators.
This would have many changes, and a lot of the ideas came from Ender’s Game. Like:
The maps are holographic scenarios
The ships and turrets are holograms too.
The races are more like teams, so federation could be like ‘Buffalo Team’ or something.
the fx are more ‘logical’ than tactical, for example instead of the radiation effect a little radiation symbol.
The GUI could even be changed, they are all .png files in bitmaps/ui, easy to change
I did a little experimenting:

The great thing is that since it is mostly modding the graphics it is completely compatible with anything, as none of the file names are changed. So there could be a Vanilla version, tribe version, etc.
This is an idea, it would take like the whole modding community (Exaggerating :P) or at least a couple people. But it would be cool, imo. Just speak your mind too.
EDIT: I tested the altered GUI:


Color me interested.

I’d be willing to tinker in-between work on my other projects and the peskiness known as Real Life, seems pretty straightforward in terms of what the goal is.

(also, Whooo O.S.C. for the Awesome! that whole series is made of win. the kind of win that smacks you upside the head and demands that you think. /offtopic)

Hmmm, I wonder if I’ve got a semitrans rad-symbol .DDS in the appropriate florescent green lying around somewhere…
well, It’s past 12:00 AM. I’ll dig out my external and look through my texture library tomorrow, or possibly Monday.

I think the grid textures on the ships might be a bit much, it makes them a bit hard to see. Is it possible to use the shaders to add a glow or something around the ships?

[pulseglows] 0 = 128,128,512,900,

No matter what idea you have, someone already knows how to implement it (and probably has done so) :slight_smile: Actually, I think the grid texture and glows might work nicely together, I’d like to see that.

I’ll play around with this tommorrow, I have an unusually large amount of hw D: It my fault actually, I saved it all for today…
I will definitely try that shader, and I also decided that I didn’t really like the altered GUI, the whole thing doesn’t need to be a hologram…