Transfer of game into other languages

I welcome all

I want to try to translate: the menu. Descriptions. Parameters. Properties. text.
In game.
On Russian.
What files?
Or exe?

After transfer I will lay out files here

Believe me, you’re not the only one.

ditto time xD

He wants to translate the game into Russian and he’s asking basically whether he can do that by editing resource files or whether it would be an exe/source job. He says he will upload the files when done.

In response: unfortunately, unless Cliff intended the game to be localised, it’s very unlikely that it would be an easy (or even possible) task.

I suggest.
that I will translate on their own.
I can, how many know and love science fiction.

just say where interfaces, description of the objects … etc

Oh man, i’m sorry, but you will need to make better… much much better traslations if you want a well understanding of our part.
Try using Google Traductor/Traslator or whatever you call it, lol.