translate in others languagues???

first sorry but my english is bad 'im spanish But i like to translate this game at spanish

The problem exist in the font of game support

the font of game don’t support the character “ñ”

can you help me? is possible change font?


Hi Obv and welcome to the forums…

…o tal vez, bienvenido Obv! Mi lenguaje nativo tambien es el español, pero como que el lenguaje universal para este foro es el ingles, no continuaré conversando en español/castellano (soy de Argentina) en el futuro. Al menos no en otro lugar que no sean los mensajes privados. :wink:
Y si, es cierto, el alfabeto ingles carece completamente de la letra Ñ. Dudo que puedas agregarla al juego, al menos no facilmente.

Spanish is my native lenguage too. But since the universal lenguage of this forum is english, i will not continue speaking in spanish in the future. At least not in other place than the private messages. :wink:
And yes, its true, the english aphabet lacks of the character Ñ. I doubt you can it add to the game, at least not easily.

This is why i like to writte everything in english, notice how shorter and easier is to writte something in enlish in comparision to its spanish version. :smiley:

I’m English only so I can’t translate, but adding the character may not be impossible. The images folder contains a fonts folder, which contains images with font characters, and a txt which seems to link those symbols into a usable font. There may be some way to manually add the symbol, but I do not know how it works.

As for translations:

All (or at least most) in-game GUI text could be translated by changing the strings found in the files located in the “data” folder of GSB.

Module, hull, and mission names would need to be changed for each one’s txt file.

Hola, sabe alguien donde pedir que traduzcan el juego al español, o a quién hay que pedirselo, es que me parece un juego muy muy completo e interesante pero es muy complejo para jugar en inglés.

Hola Shevchenko, bienvenido al foro!
Lamento decirte que dudo mucho que logres obtener una traduccion completa del juego. Hasta la fecha no existe otra version que no sea en ingles, y ya ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que GSB fue lanzado. Ahora ya se esta desarrollando GSB2, y para estas alturas, la comunidad de modificadores (modders) ya no es tan activa como antes…
Tu mejor opcion es intentar entender como jugar GSB intuitivamente, despues de todo la parte en donde necesitas leer mas es cuando construyes un nuevo diseño, y lo que importa ahi son los numeros, mas que las palabras. Si no entiendes alguna palabra importante como “damage”, “range”, “rate of fire”, podrias buscar sus significados y armarte un pequeño diccionario para jugar GSB. Asi es como yo empecé hace años a jugar juegos en ingles, antes de aprenderlo.

Mucha suerte Shevchenko!


lol, I’m Argentinian sir xD
Wanna know another mindblowing fact? I’ve learned english by playing games, MMOs and Modding almost entirely. The school just gave me the first 10% of knowledge, and with that, i’ve learned the other 80% by myself (it will never gonna be 100%, i’m always learning more about it)

That is very impressive - Praetors, I’m proud of you. :slight_smile: Yes, 100% fluency in a foreign language is enormously difficult, but what you’ve achieved so far shows a great amount of progress.

Concerning GSB2, at this very early date it’s unknown whether cliffski has any plans for official game text translations into languages other than English. At the very least, I hope that his future choice of fonts for the game’s user interface will include accented letters. Compared to GSB, such a change for the sequel game would make languages such as (for example) Spanish, French and German less annoying for interested modders to possibly write their own unofficial translations for. It would be twice as nice if we could accurately and easily do the same for the individual descriptions of each module.