Transport Nationalisation


Would it be possible to have policy that allows you to choose control over transport nationalisation. You could then choose to have No nationalisation or just certain amounts run by the government.


It’s difficult to do nationalisations right now because they would imply a large capital outlay at the start of a policy to buy back the companies, which the system is not set-up to do. But in gameplay terms this might be even harder. There is very little agreement accross politics as to the relative efficiencies of private/state run transport. We could make socialists and capitalists happy and unhappy, but would it be more or less effective at reducing congestion and car use? That’s a tough one to call.


you could choose the purpose of transportation

management to achive profits or to achive the needs?
And that would be the ratio between privatization or nationalization

You can have all your transports in private capital so it won’t cost you nothing and the capitalists stay happy; but the poor would have to pay too much for transportation and so they wouldn’t like it…

While having a larger part on the state responsability, would make sure that everyone gets transportation, but the cost to make it work good would be high…

the difficult part is to balance those ratios, and their impact on the whole…