Tribe and Updates


I’m pretty clueless on how this is supposed to work. I don’t know too much about computer lingo… so I’m hoping someone with some brains can help me out :slight_smile:

First: I can’t get the Tribe expansion installed. I believe my version (1.23) was downloaded from BMT Micro, Inc. The Tribe expansion was as well. However, I installed the main game to C:Program Files\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles. I was sure to install Tribe to the same location, but it isn’t working. Help please!

Second: I don’t even know where to begin with a version update. Where do I download it and how do I install the patch?

Again… sorry for how ridiculously clueless this is, but I’m not quite sure where else to go… Thanks!


And sorry for the double post… apparently all I needed to do was actually get the updated version of the game going. I now have Tribe working.

With that said, is there a simpler way to get the updated game than by redownloading from BMT like I did?

The game has an automatic patcher, but it only works if you have entered the serial code and picked a username on the games ‘online’ menu. It then checks once a day for a patch, downlaods it and runs it (it still asks you where to put it, but in your case, the default is fine)

Awesome. Everything seems to be working. Thanks for the help and the awesome game!