Tribe Cruiser Beatdown

I recently got in a set of cruiser-duel challenges. So far, I have been using a heavily-shielded Order ship. I have found that although there are specialized weapons for taking down shields and armor, I can find no way to expediently do hull damage. Any help with this dilemma would be appreciated.

If you’re using the Order, you could do a lot worse than to use the Radiation Gun. As long as it goes past armor and shields, it does continual damage. Several of them together can be a nasty trick.

I think the main problem with Dalan Inithis challenge is that the map size is essentially set to CL sized knife fights. The DPS and shield cutting ability of a CL at close range outperforms even the rad damage. Especially against the hull bonuses the Tribe has.

Even I’m having problems going against the same Tribe ships.

We need more challengers people!