Tribe repair

I noticed using the tribe that their repair modules work, but I had several frigates and a couple cruisers that had self repaired to 100% but still looked as beat up with damage as a ship at 40% health. I see the nano-bots repairing the hull after its at 100% but the damage never disappears. It ends up looking like the Reaver Fleet from Serenity that’s at full health but looks like its been through the wringer. I do have screen shots if desired.

Is that a bug? The reaver ships in serenity looked awesome! Really, I think that’s intended.

eh, i don’t think so. I haven’t thoroughly tested it for other races to see if it happens with the non-tribe repair mod.

The DLC info page actually says:
" New ship bonuses. The tribe ships have only half the shield and armor strength of everyone else, but they have twice as strong hulls as their opponents. This means Tribe ships seem to be on-fire and falling apart for half the battle. It also means you need to re-think your tactics."

I’m pretty sure that the alliance (with whom I usually use repair modules) don’t have it.

I would say this quote about the Tribe is more related to the fact that most other races don’t survive as long while “on-fire and falling apart” owing to the Tribe’s enhanced repair abilities. I have seen damage disappear off of Tribe ships (usually accompanied by me swearing if they’re the enemy), so I know their repair systems take care of the cosmetic damage at least some of the time.

that’s my bug though. I played a few battles where the cosmetic damage did not go away, even with the hull at 100%

Are you sure that neither of these apply?:
1.the repair system supplies were empty and there was some very, very small damage,
2.there was a module completely destroyed.

This happened to me always when using my tribe fleet in most maps, but never thought of reporting here this xD.

When you are watching one of your tribe ships being beaten up you can see the holes are being fixed. Then I move the camera to watch how my fleet is going on the other side of the map and after some time I go back to the first ship I was watching. I will see that same ship full of holes or with some of them but when I select it is at full 100% with all modules. After recieving a few more hits the ship repairs those holes. The same happens with tribe frigates with repair modules.

I can surely say this happens with most tribe ships with repair systems that aren’t seen with the camera during some time in the fight. I don’t know if with other races happens the same.

This is my issue! Even after taking more damage, my ships repair the heath bar, but don’t fix the visual damage.

  1. the system is always above 0. I’ll have 100% hull and 50% repair left in some cases.
  2. the module isn’t destroyed…else it couldn’t be repairing the real hull damage.

SirJamon summed up my bug too. I know its not caused by player error! `