Trouble with Pandaman's Policies?


I’ve been trying to add the policies located in to my Democracy2 game. The policies appear listed during the game, however, when I click on several of them, the program crashes.

To add them to the game, I copied the text documents into C:\Users\User\Documents\democracy2\mods\data\simulation\policies, the DDS files into C:\Users\User\Documents\democracy2\mods\data\bitmaps, and the sliders into C:\Users\User\Documents\democracy2\mods\data\sliders.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

is it these ones?

Corporal Punishment
Nuclear Arming
Homosexual rights

it could of course be others, different or extra or less, this dosnt matter though i believe that there is the same issues.
go to mydocuments/democracy2/mods/data/simulation/policies
and open any of the policies that you are having a problem with, at the beginning of each text file it should repeat the name of the policy 3 times, maybe in different ways but 3 times none the less. for example
however you must change this, make copies first unless ur feeling risky lol, so that it reads
all you need to do is replace the third name with default and this should fix the problem. of course you need to do testing first.
had the same problem myself, i dont quite know why this is, and whether this has changed something, i couldnt be bothered to look into if im honest. hope it works, good luck

scrap that actually, you know the sliders excel file that you download, replace this file with the one in
and that mite sort it

OK. Thanks for your help!