Try beating this without the Order...

I posted a challenge with the description “The perfect Order challenge (grins evilly)”

can you beat it WITHOUT using the Order?

Certainly, beaten on first try.
The lame settings work both ways.

No shields + no armor + no fighters + short ranged cruisers = frigate spam

Their poor orders (stop moving before entering rad gun range) make them easy targets for plasma too.
They are also easy with missiles.

it was my first challenge, I wasn’t expecting everyone to lose to it

then again, i wasn’t thinking that someone would beat it on the first try. :S

Well, it’s just that the settings of the challenge leave no doubt of what you will encounter, so it is easy to counter.

true. I guess I’m used to the AI fixed fleets, and what to counter them with. There’s always a weakness…

If I could find it thru all the challenge spammers, then I could beat it. What’s your in-game account name and date you posted it?

When the campaign game is released, all such considerations will be history. Bwahahahahahaha.

I can’t wait. Maybe I can redo the challenge to make it even better for the Order. MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Once again, for dramatic effect! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, the challenge is now lost. ANyway, screen name is Hybrinoid. What’s yours? krebor?

Rats, I looked for your name but couldn’t find one with that tag line (or similar message). Yeah, my screen name is “krebor” in lowercase. If you want to post one similar to me feel free to do so. :wink:

oy, do you have any mods? if I send you a modded challenge or something if you’ve installed it (for example, Woden’s Stargate mod) you could play it. so do yeh have any mods?

Yep, I’ve got both the Legios and Scavengers, and I think the latest version of Woden’s SG mod.