Trying before buying

So I’m having a play with the Demo.
In the Options I have unchecked Autosave … as there’s no option too save or load in the demo … the rest left at default.
Apart from the background music, should there be any other songs/music/notes that are heard ? I’m not hearing anything else :angry:

My PC is about 5 years old and I can’t afford to get another just yet.

If you audition band members you should hear the instrument they play. Also if you practice musicianship, the notes should sound as they light up.

Nothing … not a dikie bird :frowning: :confused: :cry:

Do I assume that the demo should have other noises ??

indeed. have you got the latest drivers for your sound card? check in the games options that you havent turned sound off somehow.

Hip hip hoo ray :smiley: :laughing:

Got the sounds working :laughing: :laughing:

Off to buy it :open_mouth: :smiley:

Now that I have the full version do I just install over the demo, keeping the progress already made, or a fresh install and start again ?

install somewhere else, the save games are kept in your mydocuments directory, so they can still be loaded ok,

Are you sure this actually works, Cliff? I loaded up the demo, played through all the way until the demo ended and then the game told me that it had saved my game which I would be able to continue once I got the full version. However, I installed the full version in a different location and fired it up and I had no save game that I could load.

The only thing I did which perhaps other people might not is uninstalled the demo version before running the full version.

I shall check again…

ooops. I’ll fix it NOW!

Haha - I should be on commission. If there’s a way to break a game then I always seem to find it :slight_smile:

But the demo doesn’t save games 8)

It saves it in the game directory, not documents.

Your goodself and cliffski need to sort out where it’s saved :exclamation: :open_mouth: :unamused:

I think Cliff has just said above that he HAS fixed this now.

it saves it with the other saves, due a stupid bug on my part, it just totally failed to do it, but it does it now. it saves a file called ‘demo’ just as the game expires.