Trying to make a New Zealand Mod


I’ve been trying to make a NZ mod for a few days now. It -was- working but since I added more detail to the policy it no longer does. I’ve tried running it without any policy changes, to see if that was the problem, and it didn’t change anything. The problem only occurs when trying to run the mod - I hit start and the game crashes. Has anyone else experienced this sort of trouble?

Edited to add the attached .rar file, which is unpacked in program files/democracy 3
NewZealandMod.rar (634 KB)

Turns out I just had to rejiggle the folders. Rather than have them in /mods, I put it through as a new country under /missions. I also had a couple errors with policy names that I found by cross-referencing with the .csv file. I was previously using some slider names instead of policy names. Works well!