Turing Pharmaceuticals - is a MOD coming?

With the news of Turing Pharmaceuticals and Martin Shkreli’s pricing actions, I can’t help but think there could be a MOD incorporating them.
Well, IDK how to change a Character/AI name to Martin Shkreli, but admit the tactics remind me of playing this game.

Well, not being able to set your own prices makes it rather hard to accomplish a ‘Martin’ AI. You can’t buy cheap - sell high in this game outside of lowering the prices on an ingredient, but we all know it is not until the late-late game you even get that 5th upgrade to get your ingredient 2 cheaper as its final step in price reduction. There are of course other ways to raise the price but it is not really possible to ‘set’ it as Martin did with the IRL drug.

True. However there is (unused) code in the game for gagging the results of unfavorable “clinical trials” as well as “digging up dirt every journalist in the industry and paying off the rest”.

Is that Martin-esque behavior?

Probably way too late for this in BP, but it would be an interesting mechanic if players could set their own Drug price - while still having Demand, Cure Rate, etc. play into the number of drugs purchased (as opposed to produced). But I still have never seen anyone FULLY explain how all the variables are used anyway (and have asked on this board).

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Does this count?

Close enough, in my book.

Does anyone know how Shkreli got away with using the name Turing?
Remember ALAN TURING, a genius!
Does he have family> heirs> attorneys?