Turkey Mod

Hi there -
Now I am not a MOdder - but I am having a go -

So I have started work on a Turkey Mod - I would love people to help out with ideas and advice…


cool, i love it…:smiley: about time someone modded a muslim country. Don’t forget to read cliff’s flag instrctions to make a flag; also I think you should add :
CitizenshipTests, InheritanceTax, AirlineTax, CarbonTax, Armed Police maybe capitalists :smiley: also i think taxes should be much higher.
Good luck and good work

If you have any problems doing the flags, I can do them for you, as I’ve done quite a few before so I know exactly what to do. Otherwise good luck with your mod.

the [settings] values represent percentages? i.e. 0.1 = 10% ??


Wow, someone tried to make a mod for my home country, that’s great! :slight_smile:

As far as I am used to the game, I want to create a new mod for Turkey. Since a lot has changed since 2007 here.