Turn off the cat

My gourmet chef bought a cat to de-stress her life, and the cat’s incessant meowing is driving me crazy. Am I doing something wrong? I bought it a bed, scratching post, and plenty of food. I would really appreciate a way to turn off the meowing. Right now, I’ve resorted to turning off the speakers.

Other than that, I’m realling enjoying the game.

Then don’t buy a cat :wink:

Try buying a dog, that might shut the cat up for a bit

ahhh, yes I guess it can be annoying. I should have made it only meow if it doesnt have a cat bed or post shouldnt I?
you can probably got to data/sounds and just rename cat.ogg. I think the game runs fine without it.

I spent ages trying to record my own cat, but she refused to co-operate, so its a stock sound ;(

LOL… isn’t that just like a cat. I bet the cat started meowing fine as soon as you stopped trying to record it…

patch 1.03 halves the frequency of pet noises :smiley: