I don’t know if these are modelled in the game as I’ve presented them here but I’ll give it a try; the closer your approval rating is to 50% the higher turnout should be like how the British general election of 1950 was the one with the highest turnout and the smallest majority (2 seats). Likewise the farther your approval rating is from 50% the lower the turnout should be like in 1997 or 2001 where Labour landslides were on the cards from the start.

Those principles of turnout do hold true for some countries, but not all. For example, in my home country, the United States, high turnout means a landslide for the Democratic Party, low turnout means a landslide for the Republican Party, and average turnout means a generally close election.

Here’s an idea for election night though; rather than the votes keep coming in the various groups’ votes are shown one at a time with the group most against you going first and the one most in favour of you going last. That would add some bit of tension to election night.

Ha, that is actually a really neat, and probably very accurate idea. Something the game does model is indifference. If people really love or hate you, they are much more likely to vote than people who are not especially bothered either way.