Turret placement order

Time ago, i experimented a weird issue, playing a scenario i noticed that some of the weapons fx passed under some turrets. I never figured it out, someone said that it has something to do with the turret placement order, but still i cant solve the “problem”. It happened only twice (that i noticed) but now, it happens again and im really curious on wat is the issue of this bug.

Any ideas or solutions??

Thx in advance.

Noticed that some months ago, its something very common here, but i just didn’t pay attention to it :stuck_out_tongue:
Also noticed with darkstar that the beam Fx of your fleet pass under the enemy hulls and the enemy Fx pass over your hulls.

Hmm i need to check that second issue, but i think i never saw that (for now) but the other issue is making me nuts, cuz i am changing the slots order and i dont get any solution xD.
But this is a important bug that i am surprised that it is still there…

Could you post some screenshots to show the problem ?
(i think i know what your talking about)

Here is a screenshot, notice how the Jem Haddar Phased Polaron Emitter pass under the phaser array turret. Its really very annoying xD.

My gawd, loving the beam, the ship, the turrents, all except the weird error xD

I have a similar thing with the vanilla and some mods i always seem to see beams pass under the enemy ship when there fired on never on top it kind of ruins the atmosphere for me but im just picky :smiley: is that ‘meant’ to happen or can it be fixed?

No, i think it is a bug. About the turret issue, Cliff said time ago that the resources to fix this bug will be extensive, and thats the reason he didnt fix this time ago. But i think it is an important bug, cuz when u are looking at tiny turrets, maybe u dont realize, but if u have a super leviathan cruiser with a super big turret, its very weird and awful to see this on the screen.

Considering earlier today while fighting the Viral I had fighters going under my ships, Iam wondering what’s up as well.

It is supossed that fighters can fly over and under the ships, but i think if the ship is bigger than usual, the fighters will fly under more than usual…

Any ideas about the turret issue?? Darkstar?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry about the delayed response, i am still looking into it (and trying to find a solution)
I do know i have seen beams go under turrets on the vanilla ships - again, once i get some info together i will post my findings below

So i have conducted a few experiments and here are the results:

Exhibit A:
In Exhibit A we see the beam from the firing turret A go under the turret B in front.
This is due to the order of the turrets in the ships code:
1 = 172.00,142.00,TURRET, <-- Turret A (which is firing)
2 = 168.00,102.00,TURRET, <-- Turret B

Exhibit B:
In Exhibit B we now see the beam from the firing turret A go over the turret B in front.
This is because we have now swapped the order of the turrets in the ships code:
1 = 168.00,102.00,TURRET, <-- Turret B
2 = 172.00,142.00,TURRET, <-- Turret A (which is firing)

Exhibit C:
In Exhibit C no matter how i changed the sub turret configuration, the beam will aways go under the turrets in the same group.
1 = 147.00,64.00,TURRET,(145.00-29.00),(151.00-53.00),
1 = 147.00,64.00,TURRET,(151.00-53.00),(145.00-29.00),

Findings.To avoid a situation like you see in Exhibit A i would suggest that you place your turrets starting at the bow and ending at the stern, that way the further “down” the ship you go the higher the number and you end up with the graphics looking like Exhibit B

Hope this helps

So nemesis - in your picture i wouls say that the turret that is firing has a lower number than the 2 turrets that are on the front of the ship. If you change the turret order, it should fix the problem

Nemesis, how did you go with your turret ordering, did it solve the problem ?

i have not ran into this problem because i mostly go from the front of my ship backward, But there are a few times were i have jumped around and ran into this problem As for the fighters i have no clue as to why they like to strafe the underside of the ship. perhaps to avoid the turrets atop them? I don’t know just guessing.

Well, yes that is wat i was thinking, and thats the reason i try to make all the slots from a to b and from up to down, but it doesnt matter if i change the order of the turrets as u sugesst in exhibit A, the result is always the same. I suposse u need to re-make all the slots part of the ship to solve the problem, making the slots, as u say from bow to stern (or from front to rear watever xD). I mean, if u place the turrets in “wrong” place, u cant solve the problem moving em, u need to re-make all the slot config again. So i will try it, and i will post the results soon.

Darkstar, thx for your hard work on the investigation, :wink:

Wat about the shots hit under the ships?? any ideas??

No problems :slight_smile:

That part i think has always been part of the game.

From my experiance i have found that ANY beam weapon (mod or vanilla) your ships use on the enemy will pass under the ship, where as any beam weapon the enemy uses on you will go over the ship.

I was wrong, i finally solved the turret issue making the slots part again from the beginning (see picture below) , but u were right Darkstar, ALL the beams hit under the enemy hull, the weird thing is that i cant remember this happening time ago… ¿maybe the last patch?

Just awesome!
(yeah there are some PCs were i’m now, but i can only check sometimes)