Tweaking/improvments suggestions

So far I like the game, it definetely has a potential.

Let me suggest some improvments, which will improve the gameplay experience. I’ll keep comparing Redshirt to Kudos 1 i 2, as I love those games and I find Redshirt similar in meaning and gameplay:

  1. Events searching - it needs filters, which will let the player find the events giving him required skill / interest. I know Kudos didn’t have filters, but here the events have much more influence on game outcome. Especially hollo(w)deck, which is a kind of training.
  2. Penalties for events - when someone reject the invitation, because the player is too low level or simply don’t like a player, -10 happines is fine. But if someone reject the invitation because “we did it recently”, the penalty should be much lower (-3 perhaps?). Also maybe we could see during invitations if someone did the event recently? In Kudos we didn’t see it, but the rejection because something was done recently was before and didn’t influence the player (actually player got few positive relations points). Here, we not only loose the happines, but we don’t gain relations points. Also Radus and Styggron correctly pointed out, that “busy” people still complain about lack of invitation.
  3. Items in inventory - Styggron and Radus already mentioned the need discarding items is unnecessary, used up items should simply disappear or better resale at lets say 50% value?. Items list is quite unfinished for me - there are only two kind of food, and only few one-time items which stays in inventory. Rest is 5-days expiration, and this seems quite unbalanced for me.
  4. “I dont like someone on Your spacebook list” - come on, this is plain crazy. If you have a lot of friends (I have 16 now), you simply cant make good event. Half of people hate second half, and I need to “unfriend” four people to have “clear” friends list. This feature (why not, it’s crazy but funny) should have a warning system, either information during creating events, or during an event (something like “I came to this even this time because I like You, but You should know I don’t like person XXXXX and next time I’ll make a lot of mess about it”). Also, why there is no gratification for inviting people who like each other? Like extra happines for example? (something like “I love guy YYYYYY and I had great fun, thanks for inviting him”)
  5. General warnings/informations system - it needs tweaking. Player is keept in dark about people’s relations (I know, we can check it, but it takes a lot of time). Something like warnings about “don’t like” features would be nice. Also there is a discussion on another topic about help pop-ups - this would be great!
  6. Social circle (new from last version) - good idea, but frankly Kudos 2 friends tree was something I could call “ideal” - it shows much more information. In general - social circle is not much of an use for me. Romance reminder “not interacted” - great stuff, keep it.
  7. Events outcome - ok, I know this is not “Kudos in Space”, but I loved the idea of activities outcome varying because of people’s characters. I miss it here. Maybe there should be some influence on the outcome depending on invited people skills / interests?

I’ll keep updating this post (unless someone says “stop, we have enough of your rambling!” :wink: ). Please excuse me my english, I’m not a native speaker.

Thanks for these! Please do bump the topic whenever you update it so I’m aware of any new suggestions you have. :slight_smile:

Ok, some of ideas for away missions:

  1. The outcome so far seems always negative (I had more than 20 of them), always losing friends and tons of happines. Maybe there should be a positive outcome as well? Like happiness for people who survive (“my friend XXXX survived, +20 happiness”) to balance out massive unhappines?
  2. Also I can not figure out how to improve chances for survival, I guess I can’t. Maybe some skills / interests should improve survival rate during away missions? This would give an initiative for players to train those skills.
  3. There should be a (random) chance to actually do something good, like “saving a friend” or “preventing disaster” or whatever. This would give boost in relations and happiness, maybe some skills upgrade.
  4. More of away missions types would be fun, like mission “escorting an ambassador”, “checking underground anomalies”, “determining hostility level of furry bunnies on Omega-16” or “attacking abandoned outpost” - actually this only requires a little different background graphics and some text, and would add variety.
  5. Mission should have definitive ending, like “saved / not saved someone”, “made it back home / did’t make it back home” and so on - and this would determine mission outcome.

In general - if You combine some skills with missions outcome and add more positive outcomes, away missions may be fun and may actually be nice surprise. Now they are the reason to reload last save game.

Yeah, I know what happens with red shirt when he/she goes on a mission, so I guess You’ll keep killing us. :wink:

I agree that there needs to be some sort of positive for away missions. Right now they’re basically just there to ruin your game. They give you insane penalties that can take weeks to recover from.

As suggested, for friends surviving there should be a happiness bonus.

There should also be a bonus that builds depending on how many are killed in your party. So if you’re the only survivor you get a massive pay bonus or something.