Twitch - Big Pharma video request


I think I saw a Big Pharma video on Twitch a month ago but it was in Russian (and no longer shows). (I’ve also seen live streams in Russian, French and English)

Can someone (English speaking) good at Big Pharma and Twitch post some videos there?
Would like to see decision-making process on things like:
start ingredient exploration vs start alt. delivery research (e.g. “Creamer”)
build 2nd line of existing product vs start a line for a new cure
patent a drug now or upgrade and then patent
take a loan vs accumulate more capital 1st

I’ve watched TimTC’s vlogs and they help, but think it would help all to watch other people’s strategies/approaches.

There are some Youtube vids out, but not that many and most are dated (I only found one, besides TimTC’s Vlog, after the 30 July release and that is more of a ‘review’.)
And I find Twitch more informative than Utube, if the streamer is responding to chat questions on why certain things were done.


I wholeheartedly second this. I’d be more than happy to give a shout-out across my social channels when the stream goes live.

It is well known that I suck at my own game so my videos really don’t count.

Check out, I believe he still plays from time to time, although I think he focusses more on Factorio.



The youtuber that got me to buy BigPharma was Aavak.

He explained everything fairly well while he was playing. … yBcJ0JECMH


I generally despise livestreams because

  1. They have basically no editing

and (consequently, and because they have a lot of audience participation)

  1. They are only really fun (IMO) if you are there when they are happening, which I almost never am due to a busy schedule.

So I don’t think I’ll make any Twitch streams of BP.

On the other hand, I might make YouTube videos of BP. It basically comes down to whether or not people would watch them and how much work they expect to see from them. If you would watch videos where I just play through with real time commentary (not unlike a twitch stream) I might be willing to make some since they wouldn’t take much time compared to a well edited video.

But on the other hand I get a lot more satisfaction from making well-edited videos and that is the kind of videos that I like to watch myself, and those take a lot more time. If I tried to make well-edited BP videos I’m afraid I would not be able to put out very many if any at all since I’m pretty busy.

If I do make BP videos they will go on my Big Pharma channel “DFBP” at … jBp1uxFU2Q and will be posted on this forum. I might go ahead and make a video of me playing through a game just to see how much interest it gathers.


Thanks, I’ll review it.


I understand.

Will look for the post here if you make one.


I still thank you, but feedback/opinion… the 1st vid. was more like a release review.
And then the next were like…whoa, jumped way ahead. But still, sometimes he provided explanation on decisions he was making. Not always.

I still like the idea of Twitch so that somewhat familiar players can ask why a streamer is making certain choices, but maybe we’ll get there some day.
Can’t dispute that this series of vid.s is informative.


As far as YouTubers who are still making more episodes, I don’t know of many, but I do.

Here’s my playlist over here: … HF9wl2iiZC
I have 35 episodes as of this posting, and am not going to be slowing down any time soon. Hopefully my videos are helpful. ^.^


You are a truly wonderful person :smiley: I just pimped your channel on twitter, I hope that helps :smiley:


Where’s the like button on this forum, cause I like the crap out of this post!
Seriously though, thanks heaps. It’s what, about 12 hours after you tweeted now? And I’ve had 13 views on episode 1! It’s not often I get an influx of viewers like that, 'cause my channel is small and crappy… Just wish that YouTube would actually monetize all my Big Pharma episodes. They seem to like to randomly unmonetize them. The only reason it bothers me though is because they’re so inconsistent with it. Ehhh. Enough complaining though.

Seriously, you’re awesome.