two binaries installed

I just recently updated my system and reinstalled my copy from HIB and I noticed something odd. I installed under ~/games. It looks like 2 game executables got installed.

One was ~/games/GSB.bin.x86_64 and had a time stamp of Jan 29 2012. It does not appear to work at all.

The other was ~/games/GSB/GSB.bin.x86_64 and it has a timestamp of Dec 21 2011. This one starts and says it’s version 1.56.0

Does this sound right? Can I just delete ~/games/GSB.bin.x86_64 since it appears to be polluting the parent directory if GSB?

Not sure how you got the one in the ~/games folder… are there any other files in there? if not, them odds are you may have accidentally copied it to that folder. But yes you can delete it…

There are other directories in the ~/games folder (for games I’ve installed) but that’s the only file. I’ve rerun the install a couple times and it gets recreated each time. I’m using the installer from the Humble Bundle. The MD5 sum on the installer is 87483caf347f0bd49bc4fb4deadb93e2 if anyone wants to debug it.

In any case, I’m fine with deleting in the extra file. Thanks