two bugs for 1.23

When designing a frigate, Frigate Point Defense modules will become Automatic Point Defense when saved.

When a ship has multiple carrier modules, and a couple of them run out of supply, some fighters docking with the ship will be sent to empty modules, undocking immediately, then docking again. This repeats until a module with supply has lower than average number of docked fighters, or until all carrier modules are empty.

Also, a feature request. Currently the first carrier/repair module is always the one that gets activated first, causing its supply to drain very quickly, and the ship’s repair ability is diminished when it becomes empty. If instead, the module with the most resource remaining gets activated first, then the drain from each module will be more evened out.

Thanks for this, I’m investigating now.

Fixed both of these I think. I’ll be testing them today, and the final version 1.24 will have these fixes in. Hopefully late today, or tomorrow.