Two changes I would like to see


This is an outstanding game but there are two changes I would like to see

  1. The ability to edit the ministers data. Presidents don’t randomly select cabinet members but rather select them based on known information about those individuals. Also include party loyalty which is how loyal the person is to a particular party. This ties directly into change 2.

  2. When the game ends either through losing an election, assassination, or the end of term limit I would like to see the ability to continue playing. A pop up box would appear and ask “Do you wish to continue playing?” You click on either “Yes” or “No”. If you click “No” the game would end. If you click “Yes” then the game would continue. If the game ended through assignation then the game would continue as if the assignation never occurred. If the game ended because of losing the election or because of the end of term limits then the game would continue using the existing game data with the exception that the Party and Opposition Party would swap. You would then select new ministers based on their loyalty to the new ruling party.

This would make it an open ended game that could be played virtually indefinitely. It would also give you the ability to see the long term affects of policy changes.


The game needs to end; I favour someway to see how well you did. I hate being dumped onto that main screen when I lost by 5%. The main stats in a nice graph would do the job…(pleeease)


I agree with you on both points.

  1. I would like to know more about the ministers and their background. I would also like for them to give “hints” or “advice” if you need it. Right now they are just there to serve as Political Capital and brownie points for interest groups. For example: You have an economic crisis on your hand, you go to your Economy minister and he/she will have a plan ready for you. I’m not saying the plan will be bulletproof, but it will be based on the minister’s experience, politics, and expertise. Again, I add I dont want them to be intrusive, but instead helpful when needed.

  2. When I won both elections I was really happy and felt a sense of accomplishment. When I finished my second term and the screen pops up and says it’s over return to main menu, I felt like the game was incomplete. I didn’t get all I wanted out of it. Having a choice to continue or atleast see some type of celebratory parade or list of your accomplishments would be nice.


you could just simply increase your term years. Which is already in the game btw. If you want more than 3 elections increase it to 10