Two more visual bugs

Yet more graphical errors, I’m afraid. First up, for one battle only, those white ripples that appear whenever a capital ship explodes were just constantly appearing around my ships, always layered on top of everything else and regardless of what was actually going on at the time. I haven’t been able to replicate this one, sadly.

The other weird thing is that, whenever a capital ship explodes, if I’m moving the camera around, there’s a sort of afterimage of the predestroyed ship for about half a second. The wonderfully gratuitous explosion rips through the ship and destroys it, just like it should, but at the instant when the hull drops to 0%, there’s also an undestroyed version of the ship ‘stuck’ to the camera like a fly. I’ve been trying to capture this one, but my prtsc finger isn’t quick enough, I’m afraid.

Can confirm, I saw this myself, though I thought it was with a frigate or cruiser hull.

It’s incredibly difficult to see here, but I managed to get a shot of the ‘afterimage’ just as it was fading. In this shot, it’s pretty much where you’d expect the ship to be normally, but that isn’t always the case, as it stays in the same relative place on the screen.
EDIT: Much better shot here.

Also, a further update on the ripples I mentioned. Turns out they’re not just the effect, they are actual shockwaves, and provided some very effective anti-fighter support to my ships.

Finally, these ships’ carrier had been destroyed, and they were just sat there, completely motionless.

Thanks for these. Regarding the first one, the ripples, are you sure this isn’t the flak gun?

I played around with the flak gun a bit, to see if it was the same effect, and I think it is, but this comes with a few caveats:

A: NONE of my ships were equipped with flak guns at all, and these shockwaves were appearing whether there were fighters near them or not.

B: These shockwaves were appearing far more frequently, with a far higher hit rate, than would be expected even if the entire fleet had nothing but flak. Also, there were no projectiles causing the flak, like there are on the actual flak gun.