Two requests concerning big resolutions

I’ll preface by saying I’d found the thread about turning off the shaders to get larger resolutions displaying correctly so that’s good and done. Are you familiar with a product called the Triplehead 2 go? What it lets me do is have three monitors act as a single monitor in terms of what my computer sees as its display, end result is the computer thinks its got a monitor hooked up with for me any ways a display resolution of 3840x1024(3x 1280x1024 monitors), keep in mind this is a hardware box that pretends to be a really wide monitor, no drivers etc or multi-monitor manipulation needs to occur within the OS or applications, they just see one giant monitor and not three individual ones. My two requests are based around trying this game out at 3840x1024 (though be aware that this tech does allow for even higher resolutions if you use three wide screen monitors).

My first request is to ask if its possible to center the two fleets on the screen rather then flush-right, I’ve found my own fleet spawns roughly at the very center and the enemy fleet is against the far-right, having them spawn based upon the middle ground of the horizontal resolution would be much more pleasing. However, if my second request is reasonable this would quickly become a moot thing. (Edit, this one can be ignored, I’d only played the first four missions and hadn’t met a medium+ size map yet.)

The second and in my opinion much better option is to ask that you be able to toggle whether you want the fleets to be horizontally or vertically converging upon one another. In a 4:3 or 5:4 resolution for sure the horizontal default is okay but when you get into wide screen monitors or the extreme resolutions that the TH2go lets you reach, the concept of having your fleets facing along the vertical axis would be magnificent for being able to watch the entire battle without having to scroll around nearly as much and at least in my particular case lets the game take advantage of the enormous horizontal viewing field that’s available for it.

I’d certainly be willing to test any coding you make towards either of these requests, my computer has plenty of horse power (4.1ghz dualcore, 2x8800GTX GPUs etc) so I’m pretty positive it’d be a good platform to test upon.