Two Strange Errors

First off, Why Aren’t i Posting this in the Support Section, as its to do with mods

Now the Errors, My Game Has Crashed once again, With WWII Modding.
Every thing has 1/3 The Real Size and when testing out 6vs6 Me109F Squadrons After a Minitue Of Battle i Crash to desktop. in the errors Log i Get these:

4/8/2010 - 19::5 - Untranslated HRESULT
4/8/2010 - 19::5 - D3DXCreateEffectFromFile failed

while in the debug log i get these, as Normal it Seams:

Not enough shells:…\src\SIM_KineticWeapon.cpp 403

Not enough shells:…\src\SIM_KineticWeapon.cpp 403

Any Help to be given?

I’ve been getting lots of these errors too of late, but without crashes so far. It might have something to do with weapon effects. Anyone know if GSB prefer a particular format for textures or something?

Not enough shells is apparently harmless and means the game simply won’t draw them. I’m assuming you’re using kinetic weapons?

yea, 200 Salvo, 1400 Salvo Interval, 8.33 Fire Interval

just thought to look up ‘HRESULT’ and got this
found this Thread, No Anwsers there

and Im sure My computer is upto this game, after all ARMA II is Way more Intense And its laggless for me

any help?