Two suggested fighter changes...

  1. A slotted bay required in a cruiser for every fighter on the map, unless one fleet is defending a fixed position.

Fighters can’t get themselves to a fight in space, so they have to be carried by something.

  1. Alteration of the victory conditions such that if there are no ships in your fleet left on the map with the ability to travel interstellar distances, you lose.

In any battle fought in space where there isn’t an assault of a fixed position being attempted, any admiral worth his salt would simply disengage and leave once he destroyed the ships with the ability to pursue… and let the rest of his opponents freeze to death.

after 1 minute of having no frigates or cruisers, you can not win if you only have fighters left.

if missions had a condition that fighters could only be used if you have carrier bays. (attack Missions) and on missions where your defending (metaphoricly) you dont need the bays becuase they have launched from planet side.