Two UI tweaks that will make things easier + bug

Great game, super happy that you have released it just the week I start my summer holidays!! It feels like D3 on steroids!!! :slight_smile:

Just two quick things that will make things easier:

  1. Better ways of managing New Policies
  • Possibility of sorting them by political cost
  • Possibility of bookmark favorites policies and/or even bookmark “policies I´ll never use”
  • Within Big Areas, sort policies by mini areas (for example within Economy we can have sub categories as Environment, Space, Farming, Business etc…)

2." Previous page button"
When I am checking the Term Report or Income/Expenditure, everytime I want to check an specific area, I don´t have the option to go back to the previous page, just the option to close it which brings me to the main game screen

BUG: I have played in my desktop computer and in my laptop. In the desktop everything is fine with screen resolution but with my laptop, the game screen does not fit perfectly with the computer screen and the screen where you select the resolution is empty

Hope it helps!!!

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Hi, welcome to the forum and thanks for the feedback :smiley:

regarding the laptop thing, what is the default screen resolution of the laptop? any idea what the video card is?

I do agree that support for a ‘back’ button would be a good idea. Its something I keep mean to add to the trelo board. I do have a plan bubbling in my head as to how to implement it…

Adding sortable options to the new polciy screen is also something we can do, although I need a way to ensure it doesnt look horrible :smiley: