UE Bug

Hello community and Cliff. playing with spain I noticed one thing, the EU subsidies are at 0% and I remember that in the old updates when it is at 0% it was taken off. I don’t know if it’s a bug since there is neither the trigger nor the end line but I have this memory that was taken off.

Here is a screenshot:

See you later!!!



??? Did I leave the eu?

If you have the effect, prob not.

You play democracy 4 don’t you? have you ever played with Spain? Can you confirm what I said (that the subsidy was removed when the economy improved)?

I have not played Spain in the most recent update. Lemme check and get back to you.

OK no problem!

As far as I know, my money from the EU after my economy grew, did not go away, by how much did your economy grow?

my credit is “AAA” so much

You paid down all your debt?

I lowered it a lot, from 2 billion and 30 or I don’t remember what the Spanish debt is to 1 billion 20

I think it’s 1.3 trillion Euros.

But yeah, it doesn’t make sense why the EU/UE is so low.

Yes, sorry, 1.3 trilions euros :smiley:

No prob. Unless you manually reduced it to 0, or close to 0.