[UI,AI,Ships...]A Few of Suggestions!

THis game is wonderful,i like it very much.But i would like tell some of my ideas.

1.The AI(command) of Fighters are still stupid.
by default will the Fighters fly directly to the enemy ship at the beginning.but this will cause them been killed easily under enemy’s fire
meanwhile my ships still “10000km” far away.

My solution is let the Fighters Group keep a distance with a frigate,which fly at the most front of my fleets.
in this way the fighters will not run to dead at beginning,
when the frigate is destroyed(that means both sides almost reach Fire range),the fighter can begin to attack on enemy ships.

But this is still STUPID!
A “really” space battle will not happen like that,but easily allow the fighters begin to attack enemy ships, AFTER our ships at the range of giving firesupport.

Please consider to make sth,that allow the fighters to ATTACK cleavly.

I played through this game for serval times,after each time,i must delete the DATE in MY DOCUMENT,then can restart the game like Fresh.
Please make a button in the MENU- Reset
let everything go back FRESH again.

3.ABOUT the Missles
Now what always happens is — hundreds of them(include fack) fly towords at 1 of enemys ship,just before they hit on the target
that poor ship already been destroyed by LASER.
THEN suddenly all the missle at that target ------ DISAPPEAR!
HOW that happens?!
A missle should chose another TARGET nearby and TRY TO begin a new ENEAGE — or just go on flying without AIM until fuels burn out — or go on flyint into the dead enemys ship and make more explosion…
THE behaviour of the missles now are too strange and not “REAL” ---- hundreds of missles just suddenly disappear a the same sec?

4.UI … again
I set almost all the ship command “VUTURE” and “COOPEARTION”, at almost all the battles.
I don’t know if this is a popular way for other Player.
but if it is and most people do like this,why not let the ships have this 2 COMMAND as DEFAULT?
Reduce unnecessary “Mouse Actions” for the plays is kind of User Friendly,or? :-p

5.This is just a New idea,relate to Point 1.
Another way to soulte problem 1 is design a new SHIP Class—such like Mothership —or Aircraft Carrier
Which contains Fighters,release them at proper Range…or At Enemy fighters Arrival.
And it can let fighter dock to repair.

now there is only fighter,frigate,cruiser,3 CLASS.
Expect more different stuff in this game!!

Occasionally I see a post that I have to comment on (not rip apart, just comment on; important distinction there). This would be one of them.

There are a few reasonable ways to give your fighters orders that keep them from charging in unsupported. Keep in mind that the fighters will attack based on the attack orders you give them, regardless of any movement orders. You can try putting them in Formation out in front of capital ships, or just use the Escort order with a large range. Not perfect, but it gets the job done.

As far as the new ship class, this has been suggested many a time (and from what I’ve read in the forums, more than one modder has produced a solution). However I dimly recall a post from Cliff a good while back regarding the difficulty of putting a fourth ship class into GSB (it sounded pretty considerable). I could be misremembering though.

I always assumed the missiles were tracking the condition of their assigned target (by power signature or something) and were programmed to self-destruct if the target became non-viable (the missiles do in fact explode rather than simply “disappearing”). But then I pride myself on willing suspension of disbelief, which isn’t really for everyone. :slight_smile:

(It also helps with the game mechanic that says a missile launcher cannot fire again until its previous shot has been removed from the field. And quite frankly, it seems that the most “unreal” quality of the missile launchers is the fact that each apparently has access to infinite ammunition. But then, I like that kind of thing because it lets me blow up more stuff.)

I tend to use the Cooperative order a lot, mostly due to the fact that it can keep battle groups together for a surprising amount of time without having to use the Escort or Formation orders (which tend to leave ships sitting ducks once the Escort or Formation target ship goes kablooie). However, there are times you don’t want to use it either (pumping your fleet’s entire complement of EMP missiles into one target is terminally unproductive behavior). Vulture I tend to only use for my faster ships that have the ability to zip about the field taking potshots where they will do the most good.

You can always set default orders for any ship design; deploy one ship of that design on any map. Set the ship’s orders, then right-click and choose “Save Orders”. Every new ship of that design that you deploy will come out with those orders (except for the Escort, Formation and Protector orders which all require you to pick a target for their behavior).

Yeah,this also works,but with 2 disadvtange
Formation:then the fighters will keep in a “good form” without fast flying, become a Easy Target for enemy ships --and fighters.
Escort 600:i observed that at the range around 600,some of the fighters can attack,but only about 1/3 of all are in ATTACK POSITION.
Others still flying around ESCORTed ship.
Until the Escorted ship been destroyed.

Hopfully somehow next(times n) will give FIghters better command AI


“self-destruct” is kind of real…but consider nowadays the missle of US NAVY can already develop 2nd reselect target prozess…
and the tech of this games must happen in the very future.

Actually the most unconftable things is not 2ndTarget AI,but the grafic effect.
if i make the flets with more missles than Laser,what happen on the screen is lots of missle “DISAPPEAR together”…and again and again.
Just let them go on flying to somewhere …looks better—let the battle full with Misles,Laser,BOmb,this is exceting!!

Have you tried combining a long-range Escort order with Cliff’s new fighter flocking behavior? (I haven’t tried it myself, so I don’t know how well it would work, or if one order possibly negates the other.) I suspect the problem would be that the squad as a whole might tend to move in and out of range, rather than rotating a few fighters in and out. Probably worth a try though.

the fighter thing is a simple micromangment problem in other words a trained pilot the ai is good enough for that so that is just a problem

as I recall, Cliff manually changed the missiles to self-destruct instead of flying around mindlessly after destroying a target in the early patches.