[UI]Challenge Interface redesign

Haven’t seen much talk about this, but Cliff said it’s something on the to do list, so I thought I’d give him some ideas and make some mock ups of my vision for it.

This is the very first rough draft, there’s nothing about it I can’t change/edit/add.

Throw suggestions at me. What is missing? What features would you like to see added to this menu? Scrap the whole thing and keep the current system? Let’s hear your thoughts.


EDIT: Some description of the changes:

  1. When you hit the challenge button from the front screen, this is where it sends you. This is the new default screen.
  2. Left side menu bar. Clicking these buttons will create pop up menus and take you to additional screens. I haven’t created those mock ups yet. As you can see there are also quite a few blank buttons. Ideas to fill them are welcome.
  3. Name of challenge, map description, fleet restriction, attempts, victories, and defeated are all clickable to sort, similar to the current system. Click ‘name of challenge’ to arrange alphabetically. Click map description to sort by map size. Click fleet restriction to sort by fleet budget (low to high, high to low). Click attempts, victories to sort by low to high or high to low. Click defeated to sort your personal progress against a particular challenge. Red means you haven’t tried/beat it. Green means you beat it. Engage instead of the word fight.
  4. Bottom preview bar. Click a map from the main part of the screen, and a preview shows up on the bottom. Preview contains map name so you know what you previewed, issues to and from information, and the user’s typed description of the battle. Also includes a minimap view of the enemy fleet deployment.

EDIT 1: added ‘personal record’ button.

What left side menu buttons do:

For example, click ‘download maps’ button and you get this pop up menu.

img100.imageshack.us/img100/1976 … wnload.jpg

Browse maps, sort them, download them, then click the uber terribly drawn ‘x’ in the top right to close the pop up menu. Then maps u just downloaded should appear on the main screen for play.

This topic doesn’t seem to be generating any discussion for the moment, so I’ll just drop it for now. Maybe somewhere down the road when this topic comes up again I’ll share some more ideas and design sketches.

I like your redesign, but I think it could be improved further by tracking wins/attempts for the player, as well as the totals.

A more ambitious idea would be to add a limited ‘friend’ function, to help players keep track of challenges issued to their friends, and how the challenges were beat.

i agree with disconnected, i think it’s good as well.

Player to player messaging will be in soon…