UI detail for manufacturing

I would find it very helpful to have some UI displaying stats on the manufacturing slots I have built

  • how many of each type
  • maybe parts produced per hour and per 24 hr

The reason is that I find it very difficult to separate out the manufacturing slots when looking at the floor grid ā€“ both the different manufacturing slot types, and also manufacturing vs non manufacturing. At the very least making them a different color or something so they could be easily counted quickly would be a huge help.

Having a lot of fun with this game!

Thanks for considering.

slots are already color coded if you zoom out, but perhaps you want more granularity than this currently provides?

Yeah, now that Iā€™m a bit more familar the color coding definitly helps. But I do find myself having to constantly recount how many manufacture slots I have of a given type, and making sure I have enough as I scale up all over the place. Make wheels vs make bake, for example.
Thanks for thinking about it!

I am planning on improving this when zooming out and having the slot picker open, to more obviously tie the two together.