UI, keys and micen

In the first Nighttime map, the unit bar/map totally obscures the bottom of the map. It should be possible to scroll this until it’s in view (much like windows re-does maximise when the taskbar is visible/hidden).

I pressed ‘F’ by accident… it took a while to work out that ‘P’ or the pause button would get things going
Pause button should change graphic to ‘Play’ when the game’s paused.

Shift often seems to get locked on. So when placing several units using shift-click, trying to drag the map afterward will often give a select box for the first button-press.
Shift doesn’t seem consistent as to when it takes effect. Sometimes I have to press it before picking up the unit, sometimes it works fine when pressed while carrying the unit.

Health displays vanish the moment you mouse-pull the map. But the internal variable is still set, so it needs to be toggled twice to get them back.

Health displays are useless in nightvision mode. Deliberate?

Force-routing a unit to continue the way it’s currently going will sometimes cause it to spin on the spot. Especially with tanks I’ve found.

Vanishing the UI to see the bottom route of the map causes the routing arrows to vanish too (which in this case I was looking at) - and as it’s a nighttime map, that’s the way to see the route clearly.

Pathfinding: Units seem to be doing pathfinding to decide where to go. So as soon as one unit moves down the insanely obvious route to the goal, the next unit reads that path as blocked and goes another way… despite the fact that if it just followed, it’d be there in half the time.

interesting points. Regarding the last one, this is needed for cases with multiple parallel paths (not many, but users can add them) which then allow faster units to route around slower ones. Otherwise you get seemingly nonsensical traffic jams.

I’ve found that just pressing and releasing shift causes the game to think it’s still been pressed, and the next action acts like it is. Maybe the “shift was released” is only checked after a shift action has been taken? It makes selecting multiple units frustrating, and seeing videos of cliffski using it a lot, I’m surprised he didn’t notice (maybe it’s on purpose?)

I’ll test it more, I’d forgotten the possibility that a longer path at speed would be more efficient. My (fuzzy) memory was that a stack of 3-4 identical units were all splitting up and going in along seperate paths… I’ll have a look.

Ontopic, i’d also like the ability to customize my keys. Why Space wasen’t used as a pause/play i don’t know. P is quite overhand to reach and when you’re moving the map with WASD, it becomes annoying. Especially if in the future we’d be able to select units via 1-2-3-4.