UI Problems...


I might be doing something wrong, but am at a loss.

I’m running GSB in XP, and for some reason when I have a long list of designs available for a challenge, I can’t use the slider to move them down. It makes a clicking sound, but I can’t drag it.

Sometimes I just have to “empty click” somewhere in the field of the screen first (deselecting whatever ship I have selected), but other times that doesn’t even work.


Anyway, is there a fix?


I have the same problem periodically - especially if I deselect one or more of cr-fr-fi in the deployment screen.

The only workaround I’ve found is to go into the ship design screen, back out, and it works fine…


There is a subforum for things like this, its called Support…

I have noticed this myself. My current work around is to click the slider and drag it down.


I’ve just reproduced this, so its a bug, and thanks for reporting it. I’ll fix it…




This will be fixed in build 1.32