UI Question

Hey there,
I have a rather odd problem with the UI. As I have a sight disability I have trouble playing the game. I have the game in dark mode (only way I can possibly play). My problem now though is with the white text on the light blue background in some places. It’s really tough for me as the contrast isn’t enough and so I can’t read it properly.
Is there a way to do something about this? Might there be a UI somewhere, sometime that could have black font on the light blue?



Just spent almost an hour messing around after seeing your post.
There are config files that decide on the palettes to be used for things.
I edited one to the best of my ability for you but was only able to improve some areas, there is still some white-on-blue situations sadly, I feel like these are some areas which aren’t covered by the palettes config, hopefully this is something @cliffski could assist with ?

Anyways if you place the config file at Democracy 4\data\palettes it’ll appear as an option in the dropdown when you restart the game kg04.txt (1.8 KB)

For cliffs benefit the areas I wasn’t able to tweak:




thank you so so much, I appreciate this, you are my hero!!!