Ui scale/text

Hey Cliff,

I’m wondering if it is possible to change the scale on the UI or user text that is better readable.

I play on a QWHD and the text is so small to read it well and is confusing.


This would be a huge help, eyes are not as good as used to be and the text can really make you strain.

Its on my long term list. the game has a ton of code in it already to try and not hardcode things to a specific font size, although it probably still involves a ton of work, because then every single UI element becomes the wrong size…and its just a nightmare. Its only really possible to do a totally scaled UI if all of your art is vector graphics, or the whole engine is designed that way from day one.
I agree it would be lovely though…

I have the same problem, cant see/read the tiny text and ui properly so I cant play without sticking my face to the screen, needless to say that I cant play very long like that before headache and teary eyes occurs.
Since more very high resolution screens are going to be released in the future at affordable price, more people are probably going to have similar problem too when this game gets out of early access.

Interesting. This is one of those rare games where the text is quite readable to me at high resolution. By contrast, Paradox Interactive games are atrocious in this respect and for their latest games that have interface scaling, as soon as you go not-native they get fuzzy and blurry.

The text size is a bit challenging, but I do have to say that I would rather want ‘floating’ windows, so that I can rather move the ‘news’ box at the lower right of the screen to a better place for visibility as I often miss half the messages.

I’d love that too, I’m playing on an UHD TV. It’s a stupid thing devs have to do nowadays due to the fragmentation of display sizes, but it’s always an option I love to see in any game. Right now I’m fine playing the game in 1080p.