[UI] Some spit and polish...

Hey Cliffski, I know that the UI might be a little low on the priority list, but I think it might be a wise idea to polish a few of these. It’s just a bunch of little, niggling things that could make some of the UIs more satisfying. You might be able to knock these off in an hour or so.

  • Edit boxes
    I noticed this with the advent of 1.30: whenever the edit box is selected the blinking cursor causes the edge of the font to “pulse”. It is subtle, but if you put a W (lower or upper cased) the diagonal lines make it rather obvious.
  • Battle Screen “Scroll Box”
    When scrolling the list of battles, the icon of the battle (and related datum) constantly flickers as though the scrolling is causing a selection change. Also, could double-clicking an item load an engagement, please?
  • Clear Design
    Sometimes I just want to rework a ship design, and sometimes I want to keep the hull and rip it all out. Can I have the option of clearing the entire design, rather than having to pull off each module (or reselect my hull), please?
  • Fleet Deployment
    Some newly modded ships exceed the vertical capacity of my screen; the ship I speak of is the Jem Hadar Battlecruiser. Its 24 weapon modules make it fearsome (-ly expensive), but incapable of modified firing instructions … after all, I can’t change the range when I can’t click “Ok” to keep the change. Can we have either: a) a list of weapons with their ranges, with duplicates stacked into one space (“Cruiser Pulse Laser (x4)”), or b) a scroll-bar on the list?
  • Ship Orders
    Carriers are useful, sometime, but only if they are on orders that are “stay behind”. Short of being engineless, this is a difficult task. Could we have a “stay back” instruction? I know this would be loved by missile lovers.

So far I am impressed cliffski. GSB has been very stable, it plays to my obsessive urges to make flawless ships, and so far looks quite modification friendly.

I think the oft-requested limit of hulls in the selection dialog to a single race at a time might make this considerably less annoying; at least reselecting the hull wouldn’t require paging through several dozen hulls to find the right one.

I wouldn’t mind the Clear Hull option myself, but fixing the above problem might kill one bird and wing a second with one stone. :slight_smile:

amazingly well spotted. (I hadn’t noticed it). It will be fixed in 1.31

That will be fixed in 1.31 too. Cheers.

THanks, but if I hadn’t mistyped the start of a ship as “WWw” I wouldn’t have caught it either. :smiley:

I had thought of that, but I hadn’t considered it that much of an issue, since we’ve only got a handful of races at the moment. But yes, this would simplify things a great deal if modders (or cliffski) releases a bunch of new races.

We’re working on that, ohyesindeedy! I’m aware of at least three new races in development. Some are more fully-featured than others. The Mod Patrol never sleeps. :wink: