[UI Suggestion] Idea for strategic zoom

It’s been mentioned a couple times that it would be really neat to be able to zoom out more on the battle screen. I was thinking it would be great if we could zoom to the point where we could see everything at once…and then I realised we actually have a view like that already! It’s the ship deployment screen! So my suggestion for the zoom is to at some point when zooming out transition from displaying the detailed ships/missiles and such to displaying the shadow/cutouts of the deployment screen. Since it’ll be too zoomed out to see weapon effects anyways, units under attack could flash (maybe showing blue bubbles for shields and flashing red when armour is being damaged?). Icing would be to zoom to the mouse cursor, so you could zoom out, point to a new location, then zoom in. Bonus points if I could get the multi-touch pinch/pull touchpad gestures on my laptop :slight_smile:

And we could toggle back and forth with the space bar, just like in Homeworld. I like it.

I agree - I’ve found it can be rather annoying to attempt to pan the screen side to side at times.