UI Suggestion - Laser Feedback Madness

I love the damage feedback number do-hickey thing that shows how much damage I do with each shot and what type it is. But sometimes, especially with beam weapons, it gets really confusing telling when shots are mine or my enemy’s, which somewhat detracts from the emotional rollercoaster of battle.

Maybe if there was some way to use a similiar color system to differentiate between friendly and enemy beams? I’m thinking maybe all friendly beams start out a certain color and change color as they travel. So if the “green” end of a beam is the ship that’s firing and the other color is the ship that’s hit, and the color tells me what kind of beam it was.

Alternatively, maybe instead the red/green overlay button could also color missiles and beams either green or red so that I can better judge where fire is being concentrated or distributed.

That’s really an intriguing notion. Useful too, especially in the larger, more tangled battles. I’m surprised no one’s mentioned it previously.
We do have a separate Suggestions forum for any other ideas you’d like to bring our way. You’re already off to a very promising start. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Archduke.
I’ll try to post my suggestions there from now on.