UI Suggestion/Request for Ship Designs

I, for one, have created a lot of ship designs. Even with a detailed and consistent naming scheme, I still have to scroll through a long, LONG list of ship designs to get to the one I want. Now that I am playing with all four races, the problem has become quite acute. What I would suggest is to have the Load Ship Design window be divided into tabs for each race. If not that, at least have a way to toggle between showing designs for a specific race or all the races.

I also would welcome nested tabs for fighter / frigate / cruiser, but that may be asking too much and would not really be that needed unless the player has an excessive number of designs in one race.

While I’m posting, let me mention an issue I see in the fleet deployment interface. When a ship is too expensive to be deployed with the available credits, it is grayed out, which is fine. The problem is you cannot select the ship to see the modules. Sometimes, you may want to edit a grayed out ship to make it a little less expensive, but with the tooltip giving an incomplete name, and not being able to see the modules, it becomes a bit of a guessing / memory game to find the right ship. Also, as has been mentioned before, being able to sort the ship designs in the fleet deployment interface by cost, shield str, armor str, or speed would be nifty :slight_smile:

P.S. I wish I could use special characters in ship design names. The period seems to be usable, but it won’t show in the file name when looking it up for loading (I think I know the technical reason for this, but wouldn’t mind a worked around interface solution).

Yes, I have this problem a lot too. It’d be great if we could see the modules of the unavailable ships, or even just see the full name

Yeah, this has badly caught me out… All my ships are named in this fashion:
Race Class Speed Role
example: R Fi 2.54 Laser

But since I’ve used a . for the speeds, I don’t see the full details when loading. I keep meaning to pretend I’m french to dodge this problem - rename all the ships (and associated order files) with , instead of . as the decimal point in the ship speed :wink: