UI suggestion

It would be nice to have an option to increase the size of text. I’m used to my old 768p monitor and now that I’m using a 1080p monitor while everything looks pretty, all the text is tiny. I use the Windows setting to keep my icons and cursor at a larger size, but it doesn’t affect text in games as far as I know.

I wish this was as easy as it sounds!

Sadly in games this stuff is a complete nightmare, unless you use 3rd party middleware to do it, which often then does not work in more obscure non-ascii languages like russian and chinese/japanese (not to mention arabic).

The trouble is not the actual scaling of the text itself, which is tricky but doable, but the fact that scaling text will change the position of so many other things, because some icons are positioned below a line of text, and then other elements may be aligned with those…and so on.

We have probably handled this ok in 95% of the game, but its always that last 5% that takes a ton of hassle to fix.

However its something I would like to find time to look at eventually.

I feel like the text size is mainly a problem with higher resolutions, which should have more space to display icons than lower resolutions. The problem is that they don’t scale up the text to make use of the extra space that’s available. But yeah, I can imagine how that might be a hassle to program.

Hi Timewinders,

Maybe try adjusting the resolution of the game to a lower resolution than that of your monitor? I do that with Democracy 3 as I have a 4k monitor and the icons and such are little too small for me, but if I play at 1440p (down from 2160p). It makes the text larger, but also a bit blurry, so maybe it won’t work for you with your monitor.

With all this said, I can’t seem to get it to work in Democracy 4 of yet, as it even when I have the game in full screen, if the resolution is lower than native, it doesn’t seem to want to fill my screen. I might just be doing something wrong though.

i think our support for borderless windowed mode might not be 100% and its on our list as something that needs work…