UI/Text Bug

Most of the text added by the DLC and mods doesn’t display at all.
Reinstalling and validating files via steam doesn’t fix.
If there are any questions, work arounds, or if I did anything wrong please let me know.

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I’m also experiencing this same issue. Just registered in the forums to ask about this bug.

I just booted my computer back up after coming home from work and the problem persists.

Additional information:

  • I am using Windows 10
  • I have just purchased and downloaded the game within a few hours of my post
  • I had installed the DLC before launching the game for the first time

Unknown if that will help but any information is good information.

I found a work around, so far it seems to be functioning smoothly.

  1. Open the options on the main menu.
  2. Switch the language to any language other than the one you currently have selected, the game should then relaunch.
  3. After the game relaunches open the options menu again.
  4. Switch the language back to your language, the game should relaunch again.
  5. Start a new game or open a save and the text should be functioning normally.

After seeing the patch notes relating to the text bug for the gambling policy slider for the English language I started experimenting with the language options in order to see if possibly that update broke something. When I saw that the text came back in Spanish I switched back to English to see if the text disappeared again but to my surprise it was displaying properly in English from then on.

Let me know if this work around doesn’t work for you FortyFive and ill try some other ways to fix it.

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Yes, your workaround fixed it for me! Thanks so much for sharing it!