UK do nothing profitable economy (Bug?)


Dont know if its a bug or a special feature but i sincerely doubt that its OK…

If you play UK with standart rules:

  • 4 years term,
  • no term limit,
  • no hurricanes,
  • no earthquakes,
  • no compulsatory voting,
  • with monarchy,
  • 100% difficulty level,
  • 40% political apathy,
  • Socialism and Liberalism 100% both

and take as a rule for yourself to do COMPLETELY NOTHING (and i mean it - dont initiate ANY laws, dont use ANY of your political power at any given time) then your economy will be almost 100 Bn profitable (sometimes even during the global crisis). Dont mind high unemployement ratings, just chill out. Always say ‘‘positive’’ or ‘‘allow’’ or ‘‘do nothing’’ to any Urgent Policy Question.

As a result you will have a profitable stable UK ecomony, high levels of payed via government unemployement rate, will be reelected 2 or 3 times (WHILE DOING NOTHING) and MINIMUM level of crime. Seriously. Citizens of UK must drink tea all day, take their dole and do nothing as well. Not even wake up their lazy buttocks to rob nearby bank because of their lazyness.
Just kidding, its propably just a bug ;D

When i tried this DO NOTHING strategy with USA i got killed in about 16 months or so. Even quicker with Canada. Which is fine. But is the UK some kind of prank inside this game?))

As a proof for my words - here’s a video of me doing that on a lifestream (and hey, sorry for russian lanquage and mistakes in grammar):

And yeah, sorry for the offtop but why no Russian Federation? You know - we’re a democracy since 1992, we elect president and ect. Also we’re the biggest country on earth with one of the biggest economies and with a lot of problems to solve.

A lot of my subscribers (, were very dissapointed by this fact. They also would willingly buy the game if you would made a patch, DLC or something… Thanks.

Have you seen this yet?


This probably isn’t a bug but a fair model of the UK.

From the wholesale confiscation of world-beating industries in the 50s, 60s and 70s and their subsequent ruination under state control, to the UK erecting tariff barriers against her own former colonies, to the attempt to shoe-horn the UK £ into the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in the 90s, to the welfare overspending and bailing out of failing businesses in the 2000s, the UK has mainly seen its GDP fall because of the actions of the authorities.

For examples of Anglo-Saxon (not British alas) politicians who made a success of doing nothing see these:

Nice to see that the game can handle an approach that has worked in real life :slight_smile:

If you make no changes to the UK in game, it has universal healthcare, universal education, low crime, and a reasonable business sector. And you don’t annoy anyone by having to raise or lower tax (except the capitalists who are already annoyed anyway).

For a real challenge try to reform the Welfare State. You will be in hot water in no time!