UK e-petitions website

Quite an interesting experiment in E-Democracy for people in the UK:

Not sure it will achieve much, but interesting all the same.

I never really understood the opposition to National ID cards and yet there are almost 6600 signatures against it. How is that any worse than a driver’s license? I already have a card with my picture on it, legal name, address, etc. so who cares. Besides, you need to show photo ID for a lot of things anyway. Perhaps I’m uninformed with what exactly these proposed cards are like? Now if it was a National ID with some DNA tracking technology, then yes, I would be worried. lol.

In principle, people object because a driving licence is optional, and its not a ‘smart’ card. The ID card could theoretically contain all kinds of info on it (as a smart card) and you wouldn’t know whats on there.

It’s a lot safer in long terms, but they are overreacting here in holland, you’re flat broke here if you ever forget it, as a 16 year old you get a €50.- fine for forgetting it… that’s a lot of hours to work for!

Ah I see. You have a point considering that not everyone has a drivers license. Though people still need to show some sort of Photo ID for carrying out certain tasks in everyday life. For eg. Employers need Photo ID and your social insurance number (well at least LEGAL employment. :laughing:) I don’t see why they would have to make it a “smart card” though. I know that the National ID is being considered because of illegal immigration but wouldn’t picture ID be enough for that? For eg. You can’t be an illegal immigrant and have a driver’s license (at least I think you cant).

whats weird is that although its illegal not to insure and tax your car, or drive without a licence, nobody ever checks that unless your in an accident. they could easily have a smart drivers licence that had insurance & tax data on a database, that needed swiping in order to buy petrol, but they don’t.
As for illegal immigration, the ID card wont stop people overtstaying a tourist visa, or being smuggled in by a van driver.
I don’t trust the UK govt to handle the ID card data responsibly. I wouldn’t be suprised if they just handed it over to a company like sainsburys for their customer data analysis.
That kind of thing happens quite openly with the electoral roll already.

Yeah they only check for your license when you are in an accident or when you are speeding, appear to be driving under the influence or doing something illegal. It’s still very risky to drive without a license though because you never know what can happen.

Of course not but illegal immigrants can’t actually acquire a legitimate ID card so I guess thats why its being mentioned as a possible solution. So when they check them, then they will know if say they check into a hospital.

They give out electoral roll data to survey companies because they want to randomly select people for election polls I believe. If the ID Card has a smart card mechanism, then it definately would be dangerous for them to give out info to companies. At present there are many companies I’m sure that have my name, address, phone number, etc. on record (considering all the annoying telemarketers calling people). But it would be scary if they had info from a “smart card.”

I forget ID card evry often. If the policman asks me to show him ID and I dont have it and, he would asks on my mothers birthday and her name before marriage or other relatives. In one minute he knows my identity through satelite. Actuly there should be fine about 35$ but Ive never been finned. Funny that some 17 years ago youngsters were beaten and interogated because they had long hairs.