UK Local Council Results: Is this the end of Labour Rule?

Will Labour lose in the next parliamentary election?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t Know

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I think the counting is done but if not it looks like the Conservatives are dominating anyway.

Councils Won

Party, Net, Total
Conservative +11, 68
Labour -18, 29
Liberal Democrat +1, 13
No Overall Control +6, 66

Elected Councilors

Party, Net, Total
Conservative +316, 1830
Labour -319, 1439
Liberal Democrat +2, 909
Residents Association -13, 35
British National Party +27, 32
Green +20, 29
Respect-Unity Coalition +13, 16
Liberal -2, 8
Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern +1, 5
SALT 0, 3
Christian Peoples Alliance +2, 3
UK Independence Party 0, 1
Others -50, 108

So what do you all think? Could this be a hint of what’s to come in the next parliamentary election? Will Blair’s Labour finally lose?

Could well be the end. Unless they manage a quick change over to someone more popular. I guess there will be more infighting between now and then. I wouldnt be too suprised if Blair decided to change his mind and try and get a fourth term though, not that the party would put up with that!

I hope it is but it’s difficult to say. There’s a long time before the next general election and Gordon Brown will, most likely, have taken over by then. This means two things. Firstly, the government has time to regain popularity and when the Chancellor takes over it is likely the electorate will see New Labour as a renewed (and almost different) party.

One thing I will say: if Cameron doesn’t milk Labour’s recent bad publicity for all its worth, he’s looking a gift horse in the mouth!

Quoth The Raven

we don’t get too much news about it down under (but more than you’d get about us :slight_smile:) But whether or not the conservatives can win an election I’d put money on Blair being forced out before the next general election, Thatcher style. Though she was more of a man than he’ll ever be :slight_smile:

The lady speaks truth!

Quoth The Raven

I know. I think its pretty funny that women are regarded as being too soft to being leaders when Margaret Thatcher has a variety of nicknames like “Iron Lady”/“Iron Maggie”/“Baroness Thatcher”. :smiley: She was definately tough.

I think Baroness Thatcher is her actual title, but I like Iron Lady

Yeah. I like Evil Bitch. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Blair cannot be removed from power ‘Thatcher style’. It is almost impossible to remove a Labour leader from power. A contender needs over two thirds of currently elected MPs to support his challenge, and then needs to go through the NEC and the membership as a whole. In the Conservative party, they just have an annual election in which the members vote. It’s easy to get rid of a Tory leader.

poor old Gordon then!

It will be interesting to see how Angela Merkel gets on as Frau Bundeskanzlerin