Ultimate dueling fighter?

Inspired by Gilgamesh’s fighter duel challenge, I posted what I theorized was the strongest possible fighter for such a battle: Rebel Atlantis with a laser cannon, maxed out power plant and engine, and all the armor I could fit in the remaining slots.

Some people have beaten this. I’m wondering what they used? Mirror match, or is there something better out there?

I’ve beaten it twice, I lost the third time. :frowning:

Fighter dueling is cyclic. A beats B beats C beats A and so on.

I beat the last one I saw with a very fast laser fighter and an armored double-laser design. Those designs might be beatable with pulse lasers, which in turn would have trouble penetrating armor.

When it comes to squad-on-squad, rocket/painter designs are another alternative.

I posted a response. A similar design but faster that beats Ulzgoroth’s consistently.

I’ll find it and beat it :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I beat it twice, no losses.

I will not reveal my fighter design…

Can you post a challange with it?

so is anyone else going to start up a challenge like this? I love fighter vs. fighter battles :smiley:


We retaliated with each other several times until I realized I had beaten his last fighter with a design I’d used earlier.

I’ve dabbled quite a bit with fighter designs but always fall into a singular pattern. Laser, Engine, Powerplant. Mixed to get the best speed with the least $$.

I’ve fooled around with rocket fighters - and yes they are fast (the only real defense a fighter has) but the accuracy is not the greatest against fighters. For cruisers I still like a fighter with lasers, just shoot under the hull. Torpedos are nice and sexy and so slow that they get picked off by anything so it’s not like they get much of a chance after the first salvo. If they even make it.

What I would find usefull would be an added order for a rally point. Make it a ship or something, Fighter’s fly to target - salvo rocket’s/torpedos and retreat back to rally ship and then go forth again. For rocket fighters, they are fast enough that enemy fighters would have problems keeping up with them, and for torpedo fighters it might keep them from getting stuck in a melee that they have no right to be in.

My opinion.


here’s an idea…

a fighter duel ladder challenge

so basically like SAC, except with one fighter

worth considering?

With a single fighter I think it would cycle within half a dozen challenges. I think a more interesting approach would be to have a SAC challenge on a fighter friendly map. Perhaps 160 pilots and 16000 budget.

You’re kidding, rig… Oh wait, that’s 100 a pilot, not 1000 a pilot…

Isn’t SAC-1 300/30k, therefore exactly the same? Most of the SACs are full of fighters anyway, with a lot of “hide a cruiser in the corner while my fighters attack you” tricks.

SAC-1 is 150/30K so this would be even more fighter intensive and 160 pilots makes a nice even 10 squadrons. It would be more interesting in my opinion than a single fighter challenge. Fighter dynamics change with the number of fighters.

Also, I think I invented hide a cruiser in the corner while my fighters attack you as a trick. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on inventing that tactic. I strongly believe it is too good and needs some sort of fix (possibly fighters are just too hard to kill?) :wink:

Am I the only one who’s noticed that if you put a level 1 or 2 engine on a fighter you can get it faster than if you’d put a level 3 engine but had to use a powerplant?

Most of the time when I build fighters I don’t bother giving them powerplants anymore because by leaving empty slots I can get a fighter than posts 2-4 on speed. If I add a power plant I drop the speed down a lot sometimes.

Try out the fighters I’ve posted in 4602061, 4602081, and 4602068 (two swarm and one order design)

Rocks and Tracers mix are the best.
for the past few days I have been experimenting with many fighter combinations and received a series of 30+ retaliations. the result was Rebel+Rocks+Tracers+!armor! is the best answer.
then the trick comes from the tools and how u program to fighters to fight!
the latest challenge I have (4609153) for 3x fighters has beaten all 30+ retaliation with the same fleet setup.

Depends. You can do even faster fighters if you can do a powerplant and a couple or 3 engine 3s though.

Post reported.

True, but that only works for rocket fighters. Anything with lazers generally has to use a powerplant anyway, so using an even bigger power plant with an L3 engine seems to give me the fastest lazer fighter speeds.

Also, fighter battles, while entertaining to watch, often look the same: a big cloudy furball of many little fighters.
As a variation to add in the fighter-repair aspect I created a carrier-battle map named ‘Midway’ 201/22000 that uses supply limits on engines to create a 2-cruiser cap. (Challenge 4659256) So far it’s had only 6 attempts but no victory or feedback so uncertain how it works out.