Ultra-Liberal Right v Ultra-Conservative Left Compass Position Fix?

So, I’m having this problem, where as mentioned in this post: I broke game model :smiley: - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games

Where dissolving the state makes us 100% conservative and 30-35% socialist (it’s not clear whether this is the populace or us, what does the black line represent, the average of all voters?).

And here, in this screenshot I have taken, where there’s a very large state, loads of taxes, bureaucracy and state intervention in the economy, the majority of people are 100% capitalist and 97% liberal (More Right-Wing than Ayn Rand)? And so is the black line? Now is that my position or the average of all voter positions?

It’d be great if this could be clearer. And are these values correct?

Country is Canada.