Ultra Liberal Socialism Is Broken

I eventually did reach the bottom left corner.

There is a reason I suggested making unions (and especially government supported unions) a lot more problematic over in my suggestion thread.

Good ideas Cliff, though I would say that if you’re taking the best economic development policies out of the toolbox for socialist players there should probably be socialist alternatives, like a New Deal sort of works progress agency perhaps? Also perhaps the idea of a National Investment Bank, which was the cornerstone of Labour’s 2017 manifesto.

There are actually quite limited economic development policies that are strictly left wing. IMO the game should be able to model the Nordic model based on Rehn-Meidner economics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rehn–Meidner_model

Perhaps another idea is that if you’re nerfing those economic policies you might have to add GDP effects to infrastructure investment levels, including health, education and housing sectors to reflect Keynesian economic multipliers.

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I would agree and say it is actually harder than D3 for these reasons

Very good points regarding rural grants… I had not considered the impact on those things, although maybe it should be factored more into the general membership of the farmers voter group, so that other policies can also have the same effects.
Plus yes, I agree that the polcap cost of rural development seems pretty high… its not a seriously contentious issue in politics.

re:EV costs, I thought this was already factored in. It likely is factored in to the costs of some policies, you can see the effect if you click the costs button for a policy. I’ll check its valid in all the sensible places though

I found it hard to manage it economically to go quite far left, but i never had a problem to be reelected.
This is the main problem, i get 90% of the Votes regardless of how much half the population (the capitalists whom 50% of vote for me nonetheless) hates me. They literally are 0% satisfied.

Also i find it very strange how liberal britain is at the start of the game. Don’t you guys have one of the strongest police and surveilance states of the world?

We are famous for having a lot of CCTV, but we are pretty liberal on stuff like gay marriage, gender transition, anti-discrimination, maternity leave, and so-on. Plus UK police are still not armed, and we actually dont have that many police either :smiley:


Still i would argue, that the UK is a rather conservative Country, also in relation to other european countries.
The Monarchy being a big part of that, despite that the monarch doesn’t have real power, the queen could technically just go ahead and exercise her political Power. There are other things like britain being one of the few european nations that still have widespread school uniforms.

There are other things why i would consider britain to be less liberal but in the end it’s not really that important for the game, just thought i’d point that out ^^

Right now I’m satisfied with the difficulty of budget balancing in this game. However, I do think it’s a little too easy to win elections. It’s hard to lose an election, and from the second election onward I often win 99% of the vote. It shouldn’t even be possible to win that many votes.

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Agreed, though I think the alpha should be a bit easy to ensure everyone gets to the late game.

Also I think the difficulty from assassinations should go up. I’ve never been assassinated once throughout all my playthroughs.

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Oh God, please no. Maybe when we get the third world. Maybe.

Not to derail the thread, but the UK’s constitutional arrangement has matured beyond the point where the Queen has discretionary powers greater than, say, those of the United States President.

My EV transition is at maximum and most of the policies still have a cost (although this could just be the cost of keeping the law “on the book” and a few remaining people who still use it.

The British monarch has no power whatsoever. They merely pretend she does out of nostalgia for old times on occasion.

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Maybe in practice but in theory the monarch has a large amount of power.

I came hear to post about this as well. I started a debt crisis in my first term, used emergency powers to expedite socialist and liberal policy changes, this resulted in spiraling national debt, but no worries, that had no impact. 90 percent of my people are “wealthy”. I have won the last 3 elections with more than a 95% margin. I think the last 3 have been 99% with at least 1 or 2 being 100%.

Emergency powers, while I get the logic, seems broken. I’ve suffered no real negative impact from the debt crisis that I can see. There seems to be no incentive to relieve the cause of the emergency powers, quite the opposite in fact. I have no real threat to my power base. To check, I did literally nothing for 1 full term (which I have extended to 7 years) and still won the election by more than 95%.

Yeah, I don’t think Debt Crisis should reduce GDP too much since then it’d be very difficult to resolve it, but it should have a very large negative opinion impact and should reduce stability and business confidence by a lot, increase emigration, etc.

thats interesting i had the same thing only going ultra capitalist I had 100 percent of the vote and max gdp max health max education and could do no wrong and it got extremely easy

i had no problem paying off the debt with ultra capitalist approach