Ultra Liberal Socialism Is Broken

Still i would argue, that the UK is a rather conservative Country, also in relation to other european countries.
The Monarchy being a big part of that, despite that the monarch doesn’t have real power, the queen could technically just go ahead and exercise her political Power. There are other things like britain being one of the few european nations that still have widespread school uniforms.

There are other things why i would consider britain to be less liberal but in the end it’s not really that important for the game, just thought i’d point that out ^^

Right now I’m satisfied with the difficulty of budget balancing in this game. However, I do think it’s a little too easy to win elections. It’s hard to lose an election, and from the second election onward I often win 99% of the vote. It shouldn’t even be possible to win that many votes.

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Agreed, though I think the alpha should be a bit easy to ensure everyone gets to the late game.

Also I think the difficulty from assassinations should go up. I’ve never been assassinated once throughout all my playthroughs.

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Oh God, please no. Maybe when we get the third world. Maybe.

Not to derail the thread, but the UK’s constitutional arrangement has matured beyond the point where the Queen has discretionary powers greater than, say, those of the United States President.

My EV transition is at maximum and most of the policies still have a cost (although this could just be the cost of keeping the law “on the book” and a few remaining people who still use it.

The British monarch has no power whatsoever. They merely pretend she does out of nostalgia for old times on occasion.

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Maybe in practice but in theory the monarch has a large amount of power.

I came hear to post about this as well. I started a debt crisis in my first term, used emergency powers to expedite socialist and liberal policy changes, this resulted in spiraling national debt, but no worries, that had no impact. 90 percent of my people are “wealthy”. I have won the last 3 elections with more than a 95% margin. I think the last 3 have been 99% with at least 1 or 2 being 100%.

Emergency powers, while I get the logic, seems broken. I’ve suffered no real negative impact from the debt crisis that I can see. There seems to be no incentive to relieve the cause of the emergency powers, quite the opposite in fact. I have no real threat to my power base. To check, I did literally nothing for 1 full term (which I have extended to 7 years) and still won the election by more than 95%.

Yeah, I don’t think Debt Crisis should reduce GDP too much since then it’d be very difficult to resolve it, but it should have a very large negative opinion impact and should reduce stability and business confidence by a lot, increase emigration, etc.

thats interesting i had the same thing only going ultra capitalist I had 100 percent of the vote and max gdp max health max education and could do no wrong and it got extremely easy

i had no problem paying off the debt with ultra capitalist approach

I think just going liberal is enough for this. In my current play-through I am pretty much exactly at the bottom end of the compass, center-liberal, with a balanced budget and everybody loves me. I mean, the wealthy and capitalists hate me, but my policies make sure that every wealthy person is also in multiple categories that utterly adore me, and capitalist membership is pretty low.

That being said, I think the trick for me kinda was, that I mixed and matched socialist and capitalist policies. Like, CEOs’ income is capped and I have an UBI, but I also heavily invest in startups and businesses, etc.

To balance my budget I actually got rid of pensions entirely (though the UBI is maxed and so is Social Works, which together offset the lack of pensions. Also, wages are so high and redistribution so effective, literally the lowest-income person is pretty much exactly center of middle-class, and that person isn’t even retired.)

Just maintaining liberal policies was enough to get me comfortably re-elected for the first election and a staggering 62 million votes during my second election, which does seem rather too easy.

The same happens with liberal capitalism.

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I have not studied economics, but I would think that eventually you should suffer an economic collapse if you go to far in debt. I had something like 75% of my quarterly expenses taken up in interest payments, I can only guess what % of my income was borrowed, but I didn’t suffer any loss with voting. I actually had UK’s credit rating downgraded to a C and didn’t suffer any negative impact if all you consider is the % of votes I got.

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There are two problems with debt in the game in my opinion. It’s too easy to get into a debt crisis. I imagine this is partially to increase the challenge of the game, but the debt crisis doesn’t have any significant effect so this challenge is limited. It should be a lot harder to get into the debt crisis but it should hit a lot harder once you do get into it. First of all, interest rates for each credit rating are too high. A country with a AAA credit rating at the beginning of the game should be paying interest rates of like 0.5 percent or less. Credit rating downgrades happen too quickly compared to real life and result in larger interest rate increases compared to real life. In real life many countries’ interest rates on debt have gone down even as debt climbs higher and higher. In part this is because technology and industrialization have made people so wealthy that there’s a ton of investment cash looking to buy treasury bonds. In part it’s because of people’s higher confidence in stability of developed countries. I don’t know if stability plays a role in the credit ratings in the game currently, but if not then they should. The debt crisis should be much more severe but there should also be more options to deal with it like making a deal with the IMF, declaring bankruptcy and abandoning the currency, etc.

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Thanks for everyone’s comments. Balancing the game is VERY hard :smiley: I know that the debt crisis and similar events are not as bad as they should be, and this is on my list of things to fix.

Currently credit ratings are assessed like this:

  • Debt to GDP is analyzed
  • Current account surplus/deficit is analyzed.
  • An adjustment is made (negatively) if either Quantitative Easing or Helicopter Money is currently active.

Stability is a good point, it should be an input to this calculation and I’ll make sure it gets added. I’m also going to spend some time on making sure the debt crisis really is a pretty bad event, rather than a speed bump.

FWIW there was a recent change that added stability as an input to corporate exodus, meaning that event may also be more likely now.


She can direct the PM to prorogue parliament. That’s one of her biggest powers. The Supreme Court overturned that, but the power hasn’t gone away. It can be done again and while parliament is prorogued, it can disrupt democracy. Actually, now that I think about it, proroguing parliament should be a dilemma which the UK should have.

In short:

Parliament is being a pain Prime Minister, do you want the Monarch to use the nuclear option?

Pew Pew!